W P C: Yellow

A kitchen interior with a magnificent lamp from the seventies, and another, old fashioned lamp (lighting up the shortest night of the year on midsummer’s night) are my contributions for the WordPress Photo Challenge this week. The theme is Yellow.  



From my point of view, this winter’s first snowfall started yesterday afternoon. Big, soft snow flakes suddenly filled the air and made the kids on the street laugh. Around midnight, when I returned home, all was quiet, cold and dreamlike.

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Basement fish

A visit at Sweden’s largest aquarium store surprised me. In the basement of an ordinary block of flats in a suburb there was an impressive, crowded underwater world, run by very committed people. ( They have a comic strip of their own..! ) While my […]

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A block of flats

Nearly every day I pass by this monumental block of flats with its sharp balconies. I never noticed any life behind the curtains. The heavy architecture is a reminder of the 1970’s. The high-rise behind, completed in 1957, is an insurance company. It is still […]

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Travel theme: Slow

Horses and bicycles were the most common vehicles when I visited Cuba last year. The famous vintage cars of the 50’s were frequent in Havana and Varadero, but in the countryside there were mostly some old lorries, tractors – and plenty of horses. The Travel […]


(Days) gone but not forgotten

While I was preparing a photo gift for christmas I encountered some old pictures of my children – from the days they actually were children. Today they are tall, young men. They have deep voices and an urge to explore life. Since some months, they […]


Abandoned building

For some days I’ve been resting at home with a cold – feeling weak, bored and restless at the same time. Yesterday I opened a box of old photos and found this almost vanished picture from many years ago, when I was hitchhiking in Poland. […]


Not yet

One of my previous posts was reposted – without me. My happy new year-wishes from december 31, 2014 suddenly appeared as a new post. It never occurred before, and it instantly made me change my passwords. I know perfectly well what date it is… and […]