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Sunshine cushions

There will be no big preparations for Easter celebration this year, but still I was cleaning the windows yesterday. The new light made even the dry flowers look better, and made my orange cushions glow in the sofa. When I looked out of the window […]



Those violet and vanilla tints provide me with energy. And at the moment, I just love flower photos. My friend says: “Flowers are predictable. You expect them to be pretty, and they are. There is nothing surprising with a photo of beautiful flowers… It would […]


Sunday morning

Indoors: flowers, plenty of flowers. Outdoors, there is still lots of snow – and icicles. Kids are sledging in the park. But for the first time in months, there is direct sun light into the living room. (The close-up is is taken with my new […]


Tulips and …?

There are always cut flowers in my mom’s home, no matter the season. This is a very recent bouquet. I know  tulips and I am familiar with the Latin name of these (Matthiola incana), but what are they called in English? Gillyflowers?

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Different views, different apartments, different years. But the same life and the same enthusiasm for shooting flowers, especially withered.  Ailsa’s travel theme of the week is Dry.