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Summer evening

Sunset tonight, in the south of Stockholm. Not very warm, but a wonderful evening to go biking. Blackbirds, seagulls, pheasants… and a couple of hares.


Visiting friends with views

Saturday afternoon meant a trip by bicycle to visit a couple of friends, living on the top floor with a magnificent view over the southern suburbs of Stockholm. I had some great photo opportunities while the sun was setting and the hot-air balloons slowly moved […]


Pamukkale, Turkiet

Just nu kan jag inte tänka mig en ljuvligare kontrast till gråvädret än en solnedgång över Pamukkale. Foton från förra sommarens resa. Jag hittade en blogg där man kan få veta mera om Pamukkale; lite gammal info, men bättre än inget, kanske?