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WPC: Enveloped

Whenever I have foreign visitors, I like to show the Stockholm Public Library, designed by Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund, inaugurated in 1928. According to Wikipedia, it was Sweden’s first public library to apply the principle of open shelves where visitors could access books without the […]


Almost full moon

After a dance class yesterday night I passed the Stockholm City Hall (that’s where the Nobel Prize Banquet is held after the annual Nobel Prize ceremony) on my way home. The almost full moon made me stay, to admire the dramatically lit up tower. To […]


WPC: Depth

The ground is very deep down there, but I would say it is rather about height, not depth. Or distance – I’m not sure. These pictures and a few more from the same evening, when I visited friends living on the top floor, appeared in another […]


By metro

There are times when I prefer to go by metro. If the weather is too windy, too wet, or too cold – or if I’m dressed in a way that’s less practical. It all occurs frequently during winter. From a particular spot where three bridges […]


A block of flats

Nearly every day I pass by this monumental block of flats with its sharp balconies. I never noticed any life behind the curtains. The heavy architecture is a reminder of the 1970’s. The high-rise behind, completed in 1957, is an insurance company. It is still […]

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Rabbits, friday

Unlike the hare,  the rabbit is not a part of the normal Swedish fauna. However, in the 1980’s, some tame rabbits started spreading in a Stockholm suburb. They managed to survive even the harsh winter climate, probably by people feeding them. Twenty years later, there […]



An intense one-night-festival took place in Stockholm last Saturday. The purpose was to show the rich cultural life of the city. Overwhelmed by the huge programme in venues all over town I choose a few events: A boys’ choir, singing Vivaldi in the German Church, […]

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Yesterday at noon it was sunny and clear. I left my suburb with the bike to do some shopping and go to the gym. The city was full of strolling Stockholmers. There were also quite a few Russian- and italian-speaking tourists (with frequently used cameras) […]