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Dandelion Dinner

On the very cold, wet and short walk I made today I was happy to spot two green finches eating dandelion buds. Their camouflage colour made them difficult to distinguish from the background. Shot from a long distance, the photos look like a bit printed […]

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Young sparrow

Today’s Bird: a young sparrow. Today’s Tree is rowan – or perhaps whitebeam, I’m not sure. I had a wonderful walk in the forest this morning, but that particular tree grows in my street.

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W P C: Ephemeral

The Stockholm sky rarely looks like this. Cirrus clouds are common, but usually they are hidden behind lower clouds, and I was happy to catch a few photos last week. Cirrus indicate that weather conditions soon may deteriorate. The theme of this week’s WordPress Photo […]


Buds and pollen

This promising time of year there are buds everywhere. Depending on the wind, the humidity and temperature, pollen is, too. My allergic reactions have increased over the last years, and some days it’s hard to go outdoors. Hay fever and serious dermatological problems make my […]


Mom’s birthday

Such a nice day with sunshine, flowers and a few friends, surprising with a lovely cake and a song! Wine hade been cooled, sandwiches and refreshments were prepared. Amusing anecdotes from long lives were told. During the weekend I visited Gothenburg to celebrate my mom’s […]



Those violet and vanilla tints provide me with energy. And at the moment, I just love flower photos. My friend says: “Flowers are predictable. You expect them to be pretty, and they are. There is nothing surprising with a photo of beautiful flowers… It would […]


Sunday morning

Indoors: flowers, plenty of flowers. Outdoors, there is still lots of snow – and icicles. Kids are sledging in the park. But for the first time in months, there is direct sun light into the living room. (The close-up is is taken with my new […]