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Out of office

A photo from the centre of Stockholm, in late february. I will not be able to publish any new posts for a while, but I hope to see you here again in a few weeks.


Haga kyrkogata

This cozy street, Haga kyrkogata,  is very close to the beautiful building I posted the other day, and one of my favourites.  The University of Göteborg is located in the area. In this part of town there are lots of cafés and bars. Students are continously crossing […]


WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

Travelling by train is something I do frequently. The distance between Göteborg on the west coast and the capital Stockholm on the east coast is about 450 km. Depending on the type of train it takes between three and five hours. I prefer going fast. […]


På tåget/ On the train

Det var något med att han var så frusen, så vit. Han hade mössan och vantarna på hela vägen. Den engelska romanen låg i en papperskasse från ica. Han åt sin banan i två tuggor efter att ha öppnat den i en lång slits, och […]