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For this week’s WordPress Photo challenge “Room”, I picked a couple of images from Turkey. Two different kind of rooms and three exhausted young men resting after a hot day at the Bazaar of Izmir.    

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the move

What I like most about life in the city is that there are constantly people moving. In the suburb where I stay it is usually very quiet at night. For the WordPress Photo Challenge of this week; On the move, I chose some nocturnal photos. […]



This weekend I’m away from the hard drives containing all my photos and I will use a previously uploaded image for the week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Inside. I discovered that joining the challenge before the weekend is over is a good way of meeting new […]



In the evening, when the workers are gone, the Slaughterhouse district becomes deserted. The construction site next to it is also abandoned during night time.  Public places designed for large numbers of people automatically seem to become horrifying playgrounds for the imagination when nobody is […]


WP Photo Challenge: Community

Some years ago, in Göteborg, Sweden. Students from a city secondary school competing with other schools in an annual soccer tournament. They were definitely a community – the theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.


Let there be light

The days are so much shorter now. The little daylight that’s left is weak and disappears in the early afternoon, leaving many of us melancholic. The malls are crowded. We are devoting ourselves to intense shopping, trying to deny the darkness outdoors. In search of light and […]


The Hue of Me

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is The Hue of You, which I guess means The Hue of Me. In October it is definitely the shades of orange. Stockholm is a city with numerous old buildings. The exterior of the houses is often plastered and dyed […]


WordPress Photo Challenge: Focus

For this week’s photo challenge “Focus”, a formerly published photo, due to technical restrictions… (to blog from a boat was more difficult than I had thought, mainly because of the iPad app that didn’t work very well.) However, I was lucky enough to watch the […]