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From my point of view, this winter’s first snowfall started yesterday afternoon. Big, soft snow flakes suddenly filled the air and made the kids on the street laugh. Around midnight, when I returned home, all was quiet, cold and dreamlike.

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Photos from the Majorna district of Göteborg, where the facades often are coated with corrugated galvanised metal sheets. Yellow leaves are covering the streets now, and the western winds are strong and humid. Ailsa’s travel theme of the week is Broken.      

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Working hard at night, I + II

Yesterday night I visited a cosy bar, where quite a few enthusiastic people had gathered to celebrate the release of a book. On stage were the author, the publisher and a journalist to discuss the process of research and writing. They agreed it was hard […]



At night, the dirty highway junctions look beautiful, light up and shimmering like metal. In spite of drizzle, biking towards home in solitude may be a pleasant sensation. The WordPress weekly photo challenge is Reflections. There are numerous posts containing reflections in this blog. To […]



The huge arena was completed and  inaugurated in july 2013, with a capacity of 40.000 spectators. It is situated very close to the city, in the suburb where I stay. I normally pass by it every day, either by bike or walking, feeling diminished. The […]


Foreshadow: change of perspective

Foreshadow was a theme in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, a month or two ago. I didn’t submit my post that time. Now, I do. Foreshadow is a rare word, at least in Swedish (förebåda, antyda, ställa i utsikt). According to Wikipedia it is a “literary device in […]

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The Printer

A turned-on printer in an empty room at night. Its green light lit. Everything was quiet. When I watch the pictures now, I realize that it might have been a dream.


Vänner/ Friends

Vänner i mörkret, en januarikväll på Nordhemsgatan i Göteborg. En liten föraning av vår. Friends in the darkness, a January-evening at Nordhemsgatan in Göteborg. A tiny foretaste of spring.