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Tulips and …?

There are always cut flowers in my mom’s home, no matter the season. This is a very recent bouquet. I know  tulips and I am familiar with the Latin name of these (Matthiola incana), but what are they called in English? Gillyflowers?

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Life is easy

Göteborg is a city with a system of canals from the 17th century, English-style parks with old, beautiful trees and several magnificent palaces. But Göteborg is also a post-industrial town with unattractive buildings of varying ages and origins, major highways that cross the residential areas […]


Gold and amber

Last night I passed by a house I never noticed before. The setting sun shone through a dirty, stained glass in the door and made it shimmer. It lasted a minute or two, and then it was gone.


Boat launching

The day was hot and beautiful. Some friends gathered to launch a wooden boat in a lake in the southern part of Stockholm. The black boat was almost 40 years old, intensely smelling of pine tar. Before we put it into the water it needed some […]


Spring/ Vår

Mornings of ice, evenings of light and infinite space. All colors must now be renamed, it is not like it used to be. Morgnar av is, kvällar av ljus och oändlig rymd. Samtliga färger ska nu byta namn, det är inte längre som det brukade.


February light

It’s cold. But there is light again!  The wind is fierce and the small birds are eating, constantly. A few of them are exploring their special spring-vocalizations, perhaps for the first time. After months of darkness, the light is suddenly back. It dazzles and hurts, […]


Gula hus i vinterljus

The yellow buildings are glowing in winter’s light, the smallest branches of the trees form enigmatic alphabets. Eight days ago, it looked like this. A cold and sunny saturday morning, a walk in the hills of Majorna and Masthugget, western part of Göteborg. As you […]



Halvvägs till havet, och en bra bit till stan. I stillhet ligger Sandarna, vilar på Göteborgs västsida, omgärdat av industriområden, kyrkogård och en väldig trafikapparat. De gånger jag varit där i det vanliga kustvädret – grått, fuktigt, blåsigt – har jag inte tänkt på annat […]

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Medvind/ Tailwind

En snabb cykeltur längs älven, nästan medvind till stan. På hemvägen någon timme senare hade vinden tilltagit och vridit sig. Molnen var mäktiga och himlen fortfarande ljus. Novemberljus. A quick bike ride along the river, almost tailwind to the city. On the way home, some hour later, […]


En eftermiddag i november

Lövgröt på marken och melongul sol över skrovliga väggar. Trassliga grenar och bortglömda pinnar får också sitt av ljuset. Längs allén går jag. Förbi idrottsplatsen, förbi matbutiken, förbi de mörka hästarna under sina täcken. När jag ska hem igen har solen gått ned och gatorna […]