Young sparrow

Today’s Bird: a young sparrow. Today’s Tree is rowan – or perhaps whitebeam, I’m not sure. I had a wonderful walk in the forest this morning, but that particular tree grows in my street.

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WPC: Early Bird

This week’s theme of the WordPress Challenge is “Early Bird”. Normally I’m more of a late bird and have vey few pictures from daybreak, but during summer holidays on a yacht in the Mediterranean it’s easy to wake up with the sun, and even make […]


Pigeon asleep

A sleepy pigeon in the rain outside my window, today. This weather makes me tired, too. I read somewhere that “Yawning is your body’s way of saying 20% battery remaining.” Think I need a nap now…


WPC: Afloat II

Another image, photographed last september in the centre of Stockholm (this city consists of many islands/ bridges), for this week’s photo challenge, afloat by WordPress.


W P C: Blur

Last Saturday, thousands of football supporters marched towards the big arena, to take part in the kick off for this football season. Lots of noise, beer, fireworks and smoke. This week’s Photo Challenge theme from WordPress is blur.      


Sunshine cushions

There will be no big preparations for Easter celebration this year, but still I was cleaning the windows yesterday. The new light made even the dry flowers look better, and made my orange cushions glow in the sofa. When I looked out of the window […]


W P C: Ephemeral

The Stockholm sky rarely looks like this. Cirrus clouds are common, but usually they are hidden behind lower clouds, and I was happy to catch a few photos last week. Cirrus indicate that weather conditions soon may deteriorate. The theme of this week’s WordPress Photo […]