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Sunday morning

Indoors: flowers, plenty of flowers. Outdoors, there is still lots of snow – and icicles. Kids are sledging in the park. But for the first time in months, there is direct sun light into the living room. (The close-up is is taken with my new […]


WPC: Scale

These pictures, taken only few days after the winter solstice, show a part of the famous Skogskyrkogården/ the Woodland Cemetery where I often go walking. There was frost in the grass, but the setting sun made the colors look warmer. Seen against the huge lawn […]


Cold afternoon walk

It was a lovely winter’s day. Only a few degrees below zero, no wind and a clear sky. I made a long walk around the ‘new’ district of Hammarby sjöstad. The area was almost deserted, there were only a few parents and toddlers, playing in […]


Travel Theme: Minimalist

The colors disappear temporarily when winter arrives with ice and snow. What’s left is a grayscale, minimalist version where also the light seem to have gone on vacation. Ailsa’s Travel Theme of the week is Minimalist.      


WPC: Warmth

Preferably there should have been a better focus on their faces or the eyes, but it was too dark to catch this moment of parental care perfectly. (An alternative title of this post could be Motion Blur.) Warmth is this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme.



From my point of view, this winter’s first snowfall started yesterday afternoon. Big, soft snow flakes suddenly filled the air and made the kids on the street laugh. Around midnight, when I returned home, all was quiet, cold and dreamlike.

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WP Photo Challenge: Achievement

Forty people performing an outdoor concert after weeks of rehearsal: Christmas carols with heavy snowfall and lots of enthusiasm. To me, that is an achievement – the theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. The photos were taken as I passed this wet and courageous […]

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A silent night

After a heavy snowfall, the environmental acoustics change remarkably. Suddenly, the sounds are soft or almost non-existing. My evening walk to the grocery store is dreamlike. On my way home I look for a hare or a deer in this fairy tale world, but all […]


Snow ghosts

During a recent snowfall I spotted two little creatures placed along the pavement. I don’t know whether you are familiar with the Finnish artist Tove Jansson (1914-2001) or her Moomin characters, but these two looked like they had escaped from one of her books.

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