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WPC: Early Bird

This week’s theme of the WordPress Challenge is “Early Bird”. Normally I’m more of a late bird and have vey few pictures from daybreak, but during summer holidays on a yacht in the Mediterranean it’s easy to wake up with the sun, and even make […]


WPC: Serenity

Serenity: “the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled…” I don’t believe sea turtles are especially peaceful – nor untroubled. They have their turtle life to live (which can last for up to 50 years.) But they LOOK calm and peaceful. For this week’s WordPress […]


Travel theme: Merchandise

Ailsa’s Travel theme of this week is Merchandise. I chose these images from an amazing jewellery store in the Turkish village Göçek. Since my first visit five years ago the shop expanded several times and is now a treasury containing loads of silver, compound turquoise, […]

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Umbrella heaven

Hundreds of intensely colored umbrellas shaded the shopping street of Turkish Fethiye. It was a pleasure to walk under such a gorgeous sun cover. This could easily be adapted for Swedish cities, too. To protect us from the rain.



For this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge Textures, I chose a picture from the other day. I admit that not all mornings – not even on a holiday sailing trip in the Mediterranean sea – are like this, but it did actually occur: I’m slipping into […]



Yesterday, outside a shop of antiques in the Turkish city Kas, I saw this beautiful door. It is my entry for this week’s WordPress photo Challenge “ZigZag”.


A gastronomic discovery

We made a gastronomic discovery the other day. Initially there was a whole bread floating in the sea, close to our yacht. The fish consumed it rapidly.  A minute later, we spotted a beautiful Turkish tomato in the same direction. And after a while, one […]



Dawn in one of the bays (of district Mugla, Turkey) where I’ve been spending the nights lately. That particular morning was extremely calm.      


Dolphins, Wednesday

I’m in Turkey again. Back on the sailing yacht outside the Lycean coast, which is wonderful! Before leaving Stockholm, I had a busy time. Now I’m finally on vacation, and will be for some time. I will try to share some impressions during the trip. […]