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On my way home from the city I always bike through this underpass. Tonight it looked more gloomy than usual, because of the fog. Earlier today, I almost ran over a scurrying rat that crossed the cycle path right in front of me. It’s not […]

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Foreshadow: change of perspective

Foreshadow was a theme in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, a month or two ago. I didn’t submit my post that time. Now, I do. Foreshadow is a rare word, at least in Swedish (förebåda, antyda, ställa i utsikt). According to Wikipedia it is a “literary device in […]

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The Printer

A turned-on printer in an empty room at night. Its green light lit. Everything was quiet. When I watch the pictures now, I realize that it might have been a dream.


Vänner/ Friends

Vänner i mörkret, en januarikväll på Nordhemsgatan i Göteborg. En liten föraning av vår. Friends in the darkness, a January-evening at Nordhemsgatan in Göteborg. A tiny foretaste of spring.


Long night, red cars

It’s a long night. The red cars are silent. The suburban park is black, yet filled with people in motion. They have dogs with glowing collars, they have burning cigarettes. They kiss, they smoke, they move simultaneously.

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