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Summer evening

Sunset tonight, in the south of Stockholm. Not very warm, but a wonderful evening to go biking. Blackbirds, seagulls, pheasants… and a couple of hares.


Dandelion Dinner

On the very cold, wet and short walk I made today I was happy to spot two green finches eating dandelion buds. Their camouflage colour made them difficult to distinguish from the background. Shot from a long distance, the photos look like a bit printed […]

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WPC: Forces of nature

“…share a force of nature from your corner of the world. It can be something as large as the Grand Canyon, or as small as the tiny seedling steadily breaking is way through the concrete in your driveway”, was the invitation of Brie Anne Demkiw […]

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WPC: Intricate

Often when I pass the tangled thickets surrounding my neighborhood, I stop, fascinated by those intricate patterns and textures created by the growing plants. The greenery as well as the climate is different here in Stockholm – compared to Göteborg, on the west coast, where […]


Buds and pollen

This promising time of year there are buds everywhere. Depending on the wind, the humidity and temperature, pollen is, too. My allergic reactions have increased over the last years, and some days it’s hard to go outdoors. Hay fever and serious dermatological problems make my […]


WPC: Fresh

No sun, no soil – and still, in the kitchen: home-grown lettuce and basil. Since some months, our kitchen is turned into a hydroponic cultivation area. My partner started growing tomatoes early November. In the end of January he harvested some handfuls of ripe cherry […]


WPC: Reward

After months of darkness, temperatures below zero and very quiet birds, we are finally experiencing some changes. The light returns slowly, birds have started singing – discretely – and the bulbs are preparing their annual performance. To me, that is certainly a reward – the […]


Thursday Special: Red

Though the parsley undoubtedly is green and yellow – due to the withering process – and the table cloth is orange, I think this is a red picture. The still life from my kitchen table with some red vases is my contribution to the Thursday […]



A patchwork of green autumn images while I’m trying to find out which new theme to use  –  I just can’t make up my mind. There are some awesome themes, but either they don’t fit my pictures, or there are too many smart features. And […]