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WPC: Forces of nature

“…share a force of nature from your corner of the world. It can be something as large as the Grand Canyon, or as small as the tiny seedling steadily breaking is way through the concrete in your driveway”, was the invitation of Brie Anne Demkiw […]

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A singer-songwriter

At a unique and very small venue in Stockholm; the Folklore Center, I listened to a singer-songwriter from Gothenburg playing his songs. The place is run by Mr Izzy Young, a former New Yorker who, despite his name, is 85+. Torgny Sjöstedt, the artist, writes […]


Travel Theme: Minimalist

The colors disappear temporarily when winter arrives with ice and snow. What’s left is a grayscale, minimalist version where also the light seem to have gone on vacation. Ailsa’s Travel Theme of the week is Minimalist.      


WP Photo Challenge: Achievement

Forty people performing an outdoor concert after weeks of rehearsal: Christmas carols with heavy snowfall and lots of enthusiasm. To me, that is an achievement – the theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. The photos were taken as I passed this wet and courageous […]

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The theme of this week’s Photo Challenge by WordPress is Minimalist. According to Jen Hooks;  “Minimalist photography is characterized by a large portion of negative space, a fairly monochromatic color palette with good contrast, and an interesting subject that is able to stand on its own […]



Another word I had to look up… Descent, the theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. (På svenska: bl a sluttning, nedförsbacke, nedför.) As usual, there are plenty of ways to interpret the weekly theme. The photo was taken on a cold  winter’s day, years […]



Some weeks ago, in Gothenburg. A snapshot from the bus while the door opens and the ferry is arriving on the river. This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is dreamy. I thought this picture could fit.    


WP Photo Challenge: Community

Some years ago, in Göteborg, Sweden. Students from a city secondary school competing with other schools in an annual soccer tournament. They were definitely a community – the theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.