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Strawberries and pepper are developing in our kitchen window these days. The peppers (red, green and yellow) are still only about two-three inches, and the strawberries are not very sweet, but it’s fun to see them grow.


Buds and pollen

This promising time of year there are buds everywhere. Depending on the wind, the humidity and temperature, pollen is, too. My allergic reactions have increased over the last years, and some days it’s hard to go outdoors. Hay fever and serious dermatological problems make my […]


Sunday morning

Indoors: flowers, plenty of flowers. Outdoors, there is still lots of snow – and icicles. Kids are sledging in the park. But for the first time in months, there is direct sun light into the living room. (The close-up is is taken with my new […]



Mid september in Skarpnäck, south of Stockholm: The last day of real warmth and sunshine was golden and hazy. From a walk in a lavish allotment plot. Ailsa’s Travel theme of this week is Bountiful.



In a grey world, pink may be a consolation. In times of worry or sadness, some soft, pink flowers make life brighter. Ailsa’s Travel Theme of the week is Pink. The image in the pink frame is a gift; it was generated by a short […]


Tulips and …?

There are always cut flowers in my mom’s home, no matter the season. This is a very recent bouquet. I know  tulips and I am familiar with the Latin name of these (Matthiola incana), but what are they called in English? Gillyflowers?

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