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Young sparrow

Today’s Bird: a young sparrow. Today’s Tree is rowan – or perhaps whitebeam, I’m not sure. I had a wonderful walk in the forest this morning, but that particular tree grows in my street.

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Pigeon asleep

A sleepy pigeon in the rain outside my window, today. This weather makes me tired, too. I read somewhere that “Yawning is your body’s way of saying 20% battery remaining.” Think I need a nap now…


Boring or engaging? Introverted

Latterly, in terms of blogging, I’ve been introverted. Not only that I have had time for reflection. There was also a period of intense socializing, the purchase of a new, advanced camera and finally a hard disc collapse… It all made me stay away from […]


On top

The air was mild and the sun generous. Late in the afternoon I made a walk in the wood. It was all quiet, apart from an eager blackbird singing in solitude from the top of a tree. I had the chance to come close and […]


Rött träd, kajor/ Red tree, jackdaws

Medan solen sjunker och målar allt rött trängs kajorna i de höga träden och värmer sig. När det börjar skymma flyger de i svärmar till sina sovträd. De bökar, kacklar och flaxar innan det till slut blir stilla. While the the sun drops, painting it all […]