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WPC: Enveloped

Whenever I have foreign visitors, I like to show the Stockholm Public Library, designed by Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund, inaugurated in 1928. According to Wikipedia, it was Sweden’s first public library to apply the principle of open shelves where visitors could access books without the […]


WPC: Scale

These pictures, taken only few days after the winter solstice, show a part of the famous Skogskyrkogården/ the Woodland Cemetery where I often go walking. There was frost in the grass, but the setting sun made the colors look warmer. Seen against the huge lawn […]


Skogskyrkogården/ The Woodland Cemetery

En promenad på Skogskyrkogården i södra Stockholm. Frånvaron av färger är nu total, vintern verkar oändlig. The Woodland Cemetery in the southern part of Stockholm is a Unesco World Heritage. “A cemetery that focuses on the process of mourning” It is a graveyard and a […]