Sunshine cushions

interior, Stockholm

There will be no big preparations for Easter celebration this year, but still I was cleaning the windows yesterday. The new light made even the dry flowers look better, and made my orange cushions glow in the sofa. When I looked out of the window this morning, I realised it had been snowing again (luckily, gone after some hours). April.




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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

5 thoughts on “Sunshine cushions”

    • Thank you, Lani. This theme is called Ubud. It is customized. (Colour, fonts, widgets) I think seriously about changing it, but that means a lot of work 😉

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    • Yes, the lively orange is very helpful during our long and colorless winter – it adds energy.
      And no, I don’t play the Turkish Oud. My partner tried to, but he found it difficult to tune. He prefers the blues guitar 🙂


      • Of course.And blues guitar should be the base.That oud looks veryimaginatively as and ornament too.There are some really nice electric-modern versions of it — maybe they are easier to tune

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