WPC: Reward

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After months of darkness, temperatures below zero and very quiet birds, we are finally experiencing some changes. The light returns slowly, birds have started singing – discretely – and the bulbs are preparing their annual performance. To me, that is certainly a reward – the theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.





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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

10 thoughts on “WPC: Reward”

  1. I very much agree – the most longed for reward of all. Your photos make me really feel it…the Spring on its way.

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  2. À Montréal, on annonce de la neige pour demain, et les températures se maintiendra sous la moyenne pour ce temps-ci de l’année pour quelques jours encore.

    In Québec, we have had the coldest winter since 115 years ago. Meteorologists forecast snow tomorrow, and temperatures are expected to stay under the average for this time of the year for the next two weeks.

    However, birds are singing, cats are liberating pheromones in the backyards and alleyways, light tonalities are shifiting slowly, becoming warmer every day. Too early even for maple syrup…

    Still hoping that spring will return, like it does every year.


    • I’m afraid I’ve been busy and couldn’t answer your nice comment. Nearly two weeks have passed, and I do hope the temperature is rising in Montreal now. Here, it seems spring is arriving early this year. (When is the season for maple syrup?)


  3. Even though I love winter those first green shoots always send my heart soaring. Still awhile yet before we get there though- three new inches of snow today!


      • The snow did disappear in the last few days. We even have a few green shoots like yours, but they better stay little, more snow in the forecast for the end of the week! (I’m in Wisconsin, northern USA)


  4. My snow drops had their noses just above the ground yesterday then a squirrel ate one and I only have one left. As more snow melts I hope to find more flowers. I enjoyed your photos with their promise of spring.


    • Hopefully the squirrel got a dose of vitamin C… I’m glad to hear that my photos could be useful, and I’m sure there will many more flowers in your garden in a few weeks. Thank you for visiting vackrare.


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