Month: March 2015

W P C: Ephemeral

The Stockholm sky rarely looks like this. Cirrus clouds are common, but usually they are hidden behind lower clouds, and I was happy to catch a few photos last week. Cirrus indicate that weather conditions soon may deteriorate. The theme of this week’s WordPress Photo […]


Buds and pollen

This promising time of year there are buds everywhere. Depending on the wind, the humidity and temperature, pollen is, too. My allergic reactions have increased over the last years, and some days it’s hard to go outdoors. Hay fever and serious dermatological problems make my […]


Sharp light

We had winter weather again the other night. Snow in the shape of tiny ice crystals covered the ground Saturday morning, intensely reflecting the sunlight. I went for a cold walk on the Woodland cemetery, missing my sun glasses.


WPC: Fresh

No sun, no soil – and still, in the kitchen: home-grown lettuce and basil. Since some months, our kitchen is turned into a hydroponic cultivation area. My partner started growing tomatoes early November. In the end of January he harvested some handfuls of ripe cherry […]


Mom’s birthday

Such a nice day with sunshine, flowers and a few friends, surprising with a lovely cake and a song! Wine hade been cooled, sandwiches and refreshments were prepared. Amusing anecdotes from long lives were told. During the weekend I visited Gothenburg to celebrate my mom’s […]


Almost full moon

After a dance class yesterday night I passed the Stockholm City Hall (that’s where the Nobel Prize Banquet is held after the annual Nobel Prize ceremony) on my way home. The almost full moon made me stay, to admire the dramatically lit up tower. To […]


WPC: Reward

After months of darkness, temperatures below zero and very quiet birds, we are finally experiencing some changes. The light returns slowly, birds have started singing – discretely – and the bulbs are preparing their annual performance. To me, that is certainly a reward – the […]