WP Photo Challenge: Converge

dimma, Stockholm, Wordpress Weekly Photo Challenge

I went for an afternoon walk in the neighborhood. Weather was ice cold and foggy. (Because of the lack of contrast, most of my photos later turned out to be very dull.) The cemetery was quiet and abandoned, but surprisingly green in spite of the big November darkness. The trees of the alley reminded me of classes at art school, were we learned about perspective and converging lines. Converge is the theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.




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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

10 thoughts on “WP Photo Challenge: Converge”

    • Jag vet inte vad just detta är för slags träd, men de är vackra alla tider på året. (Diset var en utmaning, de flesta fotona blev som sagt helt kontrastlösa och ointressanta.)


  1. Darn, somebody beat me to the feeling of being “moody” . I get the feeling I may be converging to a meeting with Jack the Ripper.


  2. To me, taking a walk on the cemetery in November’s fog actually strengthened the sensation of being alive. I could walk away from it and felt almost uplifted afterwards 😉


  3. Great gallery strong and interesting perspective constructions and beautiful balance between intense primary colors and foggy softness


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