Month: November 2014

WP Photo Challenge: Converge

I went for an afternoon walk in the neighborhood. Weather was ice cold and foggy. (Because of the lack of contrast, most of my photos later turned out to be very dull.) The cemetery was quiet and abandoned, but surprisingly green in spite of the […]



On my way home from the city I always bike through this underpass. Tonight it looked more gloomy than usual, because of the fog. Earlier today, I almost ran over a scurrying rat that crossed the cycle path right in front of me. It’s not […]

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For the WordPress Photo Challenge this week, Angular,  I chose  photos of “The Cog Wheel”.  Two of them were posted here before. But the construction is exceptional, and the colours so vivid, that I have to repeat myself. The building was designed by Wingårdh arkitektkontor, […]


Oslo dwellers – from the tram

More pictures from my Norway trip last week: Some Oslo dwellers, seen from the tram. Posh cars are common here. People in general don’t seem to dress very elegantly, but they are well equipped for walking. Many Norwegians, the elderly too, love hiking in the […]

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Monday night

Monday night, on my way home from the evening course. 35 minutes by bike and ice cold winds. Gloves and beanie was necessary. I caught a glimpse of some people in a restaurant with a view.  

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WP Photo Challenge: Achievement

Forty people performing an outdoor concert after weeks of rehearsal: Christmas carols with heavy snowfall and lots of enthusiasm. To me, that is an achievement – the theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. The photos were taken as I passed this wet and courageous […]

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The theme of this week’s Photo Challenge by WordPress is Minimalist. According to Jen Hooks;  “Minimalist photography is characterized by a large portion of negative space, a fairly monochromatic color palette with good contrast, and an interesting subject that is able to stand on its own […]



Another word I had to look up… Descent, the theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge. (På svenska: bl a sluttning, nedförsbacke, nedför.) As usual, there are plenty of ways to interpret the weekly theme. The photo was taken on a cold  winter’s day, years […]