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The one word photo challenge! This time it is Chocolate.
A Photo challenge is a good way to display photos that otherwise would have been forgotten… These ones are from june, when my youngest son graduated, after 13 years at school. It was a happy day with food, gifts, relatives and friends. And some chocolate.



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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

7 thoughts on “Chocolate”

    • Jag är förtjust i att göra bjudningar. Dukning, dekorationer, blommor, mat, underhållning och kombinationer av människor – det är väldigt roligt! ( Och något ska man väl använda alla år på konstskolor till…)


    • Thank you, it really was! On these graduation days one never knows exactly how many guests there will be. Teenaged friends may arrive ten at a time or no one at all, and stay fifteen minutes – or the entire evening. Beverages and food have to be prepared.


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