Morning and afternoon rain


Back in Sweden after a hot and sunny vacation: Early morning in Göteborg. There is lovely sunshine and intense light when I wake up, and a few minutes later the clouds suddenly burst into heavy rain.

Göteborg indeed is a rainy place, but when I return to Stockholm in the afternoon, it’s wet there, too. And cold. People wear boots and leather jackets. There is not much left of summer.

A rain post from last september





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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

10 thoughts on “Morning and afternoon rain”

    • The cold rain and wind yesterday was more like October, and I was surprised when I ran into someone selling fresh raspberries and blueberries from a car. It seemed far too late in the season, but of course, it is still only August. And today is much better!


    • I’m happy for you. I guess Bulgaria and Turkey (where I spent four weeks on the sea this summer) have similarities in climate. Sweden is different.


        • Oh, you live in Latvia? Then I’m sure you are familiar with the Scandinavian weather 😉


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