Dolphins, Wednesday

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I’m in Turkey again. Back on the sailing yacht outside the Lycean coast, which is wonderful!

Before leaving Stockholm, I had a busy time. Now I’m finally on vacation, and will be for some time. I will try to share some impressions during the trip.

Today we were lucky to see dolphins in front of the boat. They made us company for about ten minutes. Me and my friends eagerly tried to catch the beautiful creatures with our cameras, but most of all we were shouting, excited:  “Look! Golfinhos! (one friend speaks Portuguese) There are three of them! Wow, they are gorgeous!”

We rarely see dolphins when we go by boat, and if we do there is normally one, distant. These three were not more than a couple of meters away, jumping and playing.


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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

3 thoughts on “Dolphins, Wednesday”

    • Thank you! My sailing photos look quite similar from year to year; the ocean is blue and our yacht is white. (The mountains are blue, too.) However, there are always some unique moments. I’ ll be back, reporting 😉


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