13 thoughts on “Dreaming”

    • I’m afraid it’s situated in a very small town. There isn’t a lot to see from it. Perhaps that is why the woman is looking away.


        • I spent my childhood on the seventh floor, with a balcony facing west. I would very much like to have an open view again, to see the sunsets.


        • I lived on the 18th floor of a high-rise for two years when I was in my early 30’s. A view of the airport, with a huge balcony. My sons were 5 and 6 so I kept the door locked constantly. I loved that place. There is more intrigue to the story but lets say I love a good view! Hugs.


  1. I can see You like seagulls.
    Very beautiful birds , imaginative and moony .
    I was taking care about one young seagull with broken wing .
    Children here tend to be rather cruel ,so they broke his leg in addition.
    He barely survived winter , but as I fed him every day he recovered well and became very tame .Very sympatique character indeed .


    • Yes, You are right, I really like them. The way they sail on winds and waves, their strength and beauty.
      Many years ago I used to feed a gull, too. Every night (during two summers) it arrived at my balcony. It used to land in the window box, on top of my plants… 🙂
      I’m happy to hear that ‘your’ gull recovered.


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