Boring or engaging? Introverted

blogga, fåglar


Latterly, in terms of blogging, I’ve been introverted.

Not only that I have had time for reflection. There was also a period of intense socializing, the purchase of a new, advanced camera and finally a hard disc collapse… It all made me stay away from the blog for a while.

Though I’m trying to get used to it, the new camera is still difficult to manage in the way I like, and the hard disc that contained the last years’ raw and edited photos had no back-up. This is an opportunity to reflect on my photography and blogging, perhaps for moving in a new direction.

Therefore, it would be helpful and exciting to know why you find my blog worth visiting. I would be very happy to receive your opinions about what you find interesting – or less engaging! You can make your comment as usual, or use the contact form below – that creates a private email to me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

7 thoughts on “Boring or engaging? Introverted”

  1. That’s such bad luck about the hard disc collapse . . . . What is the new camera, and is it getting easier for you? Change can often be a pain but what a lovely reflective shot of introversion!


    • Bad luck, indeed… I keep several external hard discs and I had made a mistake with the main back-up; Time Machine was backing up the wrong one. I’ll ask if some expert can rescue the stored data from the collapsed unit.
      I’m happy to hear that you like the self-absorbed gull.
      And my new camera is a Panasonic Lumix G6 🙂


    • Tack, jag tycker också om den. Det är en detalj; lite dålig kvalité, men måsen såg faktiskt ut att betrakta sin egen bild där i vattenspegeln.


  2. Sorry to hear about your hard disc , but usually in most cases it is still possible to save data from the disc .Consider your situation with some expert I’m sure you will manage to save your photographs .


    • You are right. I hope some expert will be able to save it for me – but I’m afraid it is rather expensive.


      • Yes I’m not sure about the price
        Here in Komiza there is one excellent expert a friend he knows to solve such problems


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