Rabbits, friday


Unlike the hare,  the rabbit is not a part of the normal Swedish fauna. However, in the 1980’s, some tame rabbits started spreading in a Stockholm suburb. They managed to survive even the harsh winter climate, probably by people feeding them. Twenty years later, there were rabbits in parks and lawns all over town. They are very cute to watch, but city administration claims they eat the greenery and the fragile new trees and that the high number of rabbits thus must be reduced. According to a Swedish newspaper, about two thousand rabbits are shot every year.

During a walk yesterday I came close to a couple of bunnies. They seemed unaware of that threat.



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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

7 thoughts on “Rabbits, friday”

    • I’m happy they did. So cute and furry, it’s almost impossible to regard them as harmful.


    • Tack, roligt att höra! Eftersom jag knappast är någon naturfotograf blir jag jätteglad själv då jag lyckas fånga något “vilt” djur på bild…


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  2. Oh poor rabbits they don’t know the threat is just lurking around them. I heard that rabbit meat is good and some are keeping them as livestock.


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