Green and orange


‘Green and orange’ is the common denominator for the images below, neither photographed at the same day nor at the same place. Nevertheless, it is possible to read them all together and make up a story.


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Beautified photos of Swedish everyday life. Graphic designer making pictures mainly in Stockholm and Göteborg, Sweden. Grafisk designer som promenerar och fotograferar. Och gör världen vackrare.

4 thoughts on “Green and orange”

    • Ja, du är bra på att hitta på historier. Och färgerna tycks vara väldigt populära tillsammans just nu – inte bara i min bostad. Turkos verkar också vara på gång.


  1. Really cool colour combination and lovely photos. I l ike the pullover the man wears so much! Have a nice day! 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂
      Yes, his pullover is very nice, and probably vintage. I’m glad you like my collage.


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