Photo Challenges, Stockholm

About half an hour by bike from the place where I stay there is a popular residential area, built over the last 20 years, called Hammarby Sjöstad. There are 11.000 apartments – homes for about 25.000 people. The district is situated close to the waterfront, and it seems like the architects managed to provide nearly all the buildings with a spectacular view from the large windows and balconies.

A wooden pavement is placed around the lake, where a circle-shaped terrace makes it possible to watch the many birds, or sunbathe when weather permits. Here is a link where the  district can be seen from above.

When I came there just before sunset, some weeks ago, it looked like a flying saucer had landed. Ailsa’s travel Theme of the week is  Round.


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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

15 thoughts on “Round”

    • Tack. Efteråt kompletterade jag med en länk till ett flygfoto över området. Lyckades tyvärr inte få den att funka i min kommentar, så om du är intresserad kan du titta i själva inlägget.


    • Perhaps it’s been there for five years, but I’m not sure. When did you stay there? And how come you lived in Sweden?


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  2. I really like this picture, the sky’s beautiful.
    But, I think that the photo is a little bit too much tilted on the right ! Maybe it was your goal, I don’t know. What do you think ?


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