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Yesterday at noon it was sunny and clear. I left my suburb with the bike to do some shopping and go to the gym. The city was full of strolling Stockholmers. There were also quite a few Russian- and italian-speaking tourists (with frequently used cameras) leaving traces of expensive perfume where they had crossed a street.

In the afternoon there was a change of weather. As I was heading southwards on my way home, the sky had become spectacularly hazy and the wind was increasing. I passed by the Swedish government buildings, situated in the Old Town.  Impressive buildings from early 18:th to late 19:th century – and some huge pots of granite for decorative greenery. I had to stop to take some photos of my own, for the WordPress photo challenge of the week; monument.




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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

16 thoughts on “Monument”

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    • Those tourists seem happily unaware of hard times. Perhaps that is one of the reasons for travelling. Leaving, forgetting. And finding something new 🙂


    • Thank you, I was actually focusing on the sky, but the monuments were there…
      I visited your blog. (Those accidents with the deers and cattle sounds scary; wise of you to quit the job.)


      • It wasn’t so much the deer and cattle that caused me to “retire” but the falling asleep at the wheel. I was starting to do that and I didn’t want to wind up like one of our other drivers who died, apparently from falling asleep at the wheel. You’re welcome anytime. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.


        • Amen to that. My biggest problem since retiring has been sleeping during the darkest hours. My body still thinks it’s supposed to stay up all night. 😦


  2. Great for the theme! Are you in Stockholm instead of Gothenburg? I must have missed out on something…


    • Yes, Stockholm again. The city where I grew up and spent most of my days. But I visit Göteborg very often.


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