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In a grey world, pink may be a consolation. In times of worry or sadness, some soft, pink flowers make life brighter. Ailsa’s Travel Theme of the week is Pink.

The image in the pink frame is a gift; it was generated by a short code written in programming language R: One million dots forming a heart. It makes me happy even in black and white.

x <- rnorm(10^6); y <- rnorm(10^6, abs(x)^0.7); plot(x,y,cex=0.1)


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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

8 thoughts on “Pink”

    • I’m afraid I have no idea, but my partner says: “There is no more data, except shown in expression. All the points are created by R’s own random generator. “x” is a plain normal distribution (0,1) and “y” is normal distribution with mean value, controlled by “x”. True love can never be the result of a calculation… It’s usually work of randomly distributed events of two persons (x&y), coupled to each other in some way. Suddenly something happens, and a new pattern appears.” 🙂


    • Thanks! Mirror reflections are fascinating. If I had been less spontaneous that day, I could have made a better photo, with deeper focus on the reflection. There could have been more details, to create a story… However, the title of the book is “Melancholic rooms – about anxiety, boredom and vulnerability in the past and present”, which indeed is an interesting story.


    • Nice to hear, Janet. This was inadvertently, but otherwise I often arrange things to satisfy my craving for beauty. Not necessarily with flowers and fruits, even if that is a safe way to succeed. Sometimes shells in a bowl of water in the window is enough.


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