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People around me talk intensely about how much they they work, but our children have only vague ideas about what the parents actually do for a living. What does an economic analyst do at work? Or a human resources specialist? Or a project manager? I have problems understanding it myself.

There is little demand for unskilled labor today, and a great number of people are competing about the few jobs left. Our youngsters have difficulties starting a career, unless they want to spend five years at university.

They go to distant places instead, to see people working with their hands – and to get ideas about a life that is not merely consisting of shopping, social networking in cafés and consuming media. After some years abroad, gathering experience of manual work, they return to home – and university. To become economic analysts. Ailsa’s Travel theme this week is Work.


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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

9 thoughts on “Work”

  1. Great post! I much enjoy the fact that the pictures seem to tell a story all by themselves – eben without any text.


    • Oh, I’m glad you do! The first picture is from a beauty salon in Turkey, the two small ones are from Cuba, and the man in orange was seen in Göteborg, Sweden. The last photo is a friend at work. Probably they all could tell us something interesting.


  2. I wished more people would return to work with their hands to those lost arts: shoe cobbler, tailor, umbrella repair, wood workers, blacksmith and on and on. We wouldn’t have to throw away so many things and pollute our environment.


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