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The colour orange becomes increasingly popular in Swedish homes. Last time we used it must have been in the 70’s, because in the 80’s there was apricot, and in the 90’s yellow… In the last decade we’ve mostly seen coffee related colours, i e beige. You can find a former post with some bold orange buildings from Göteborg here.

To illustrate the lively quality of orange, there is also a sports photo. Cee’s Photo Challenge of the week is Orange.orange_rosor_web


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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

11 thoughts on “Orange”

  1. Lovely “orange” shots! And yes, the last time orange was fashionable was in the 1970’s. I have vivid memories of my last house with orange counter tops, which we replaced!


    • Thamk you, Patricia. Today it would definitely have been considered cool with orange counter tops. We will probably see it at Ikea within a year…


  2. I remember the 70s orange – we had orange curtains with big splashes of brownish flowers on. Your glorious pictures shows how beautiful this colour is – how well it goes with grey and green for example. Adore the first shot.


    • I do like the photo challenges – they give me a reason to see old images in new ways, and sometimes introduce new aspects to this blog. Thank you, Cee, for the themes you’ve come up with 🙂


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