Month: December 2013

Birds (Ailsa’s travel theme)

I found this cute bird (probably a member of the Meropidae family – normally not seen in Sweden) in Gothenburg on my way home, a couple of years ago. It is what I like about street art; it is surprising, beautiful and/or fun. Someone wanted […]


December 23

This is one of my favorite parts of Göteborg/Gothenburg, the day before christmas. No snow this year, but a nice blue sky – and very windy. More of my images from that area here.


The Bridge II

I pass this bridge almost every day now. Either by bike, foot or the metro. When I was walking the other day, I discovered the flowers that were attached to the fence and placed on the ground. There were also memorial candles on the ground. […]

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WP Photo Challenge: Community

Some years ago, in Göteborg, Sweden. Students from a city secondary school competing with other schools in an annual soccer tournament. They were definitely a community – the theme of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.


December light

There is sunlight and a clear, blue sky in mid december, but only for an hour or two – which makes it precious. Eight days to go now, until the shortest day of the year. After that, light will return. Slowly.


City evening

That particular evening I attended a lecture and watched some inspiring design projects. I walked in an unfamiliar area and saw an eyecatching owl in a shop window, caught a bus to another part of town and spent the rest of the evening with a […]


Snow and cupcakes

Premiere: Snow. Ongoing: darkness. New actor: slipperiness, temperature below zero. Time for a pre-christmas afternoon coffee party, inspired by the long december nights and the very first snow. I made some chocolate cupcakes and a white, traditional cheese cake (‘äggost’ in Swedish) with blackberries. There […]



The twin towers on the image are Sweden’s first ‘scyscrapers’, situated on Kungsgatan in Stockholm. The towers were built in the mid 1920’s, 60 m high; consisting of 17 floors. For several decades these buildings were a symbol of urbanity and decadence. My photo is […]