The Hue of Me

höst, Stockholm, Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is The Hue of You, which I guess means The Hue of Me.

In October it is definitely the shades of orange.

Stockholm is a city with numerous old buildings. The exterior of the houses is often plastered and dyed with yellow or red ochre or Burnt Sienna. At this time of year the setting sun lights up the colours during the afternoon and even makes the climber glow in orange.



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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

16 thoughts on “The Hue of Me”

    • Tack, det var rart. Orange är vackert, dock ej en färg jag klär (mig) i. Men omgivningen får gärna lysa.


  1. This is definitely “the hue of you”! I recognised it as your work straight away. I am no expert, but I think your eye for composition is improving.


    • Du hittade något jag inte själv hade upptäckt. Så roligt det är med en engagerad betraktare. Tack, Dan.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you. I think I will add some rainy-day photos as well, to prevent you from getting a wrong opinion… 😉 it can be very cold and dark, too.


    • Oh, I’m really happy you like my blog… As I’m fond of writing in Swedish, I wish I was able to write longer and more interesting here, but the language is a restriction – as well as writing publicly.
      I have very vague ideas about the receivers of my short texts and images. You seem to be more familiar with the followers of your blog?


      • says:

        Yes the bloggers I follow closely I try to get to know them. I work for a Swedish company and they have yet to bring me to the headquarters so I find your blog so interesting and look for clues into the lives of my employers !!


        • says:

          Just the general lifestyle. They have promised for 2 years to bring me…..nope, not yet!


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