Autumn foliage

höst, Stockholm

The other day a friend invited me to walk along the banks of lake Mälaren. Stockholm had dressed up in its best, brilliant autumn clothes. (In Göteborg the autumn colors are more yellow than red. I guess that is due to the different species of trees and climate.)

Every other minute either me or my friend exclaimed “Oh, just look at the colors!” and pressed the camera button.

Stunning was to see all the people jogging so fast and biking even faster. It is obvious that I’m still not used to the more intense tempo of the capital. But what is possible to perceive at that speed?






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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

2 thoughts on “Autumn foliage”

  1. Ingeborg says:

    Den här hösten är makalöst vacker! Inte varje år vi får uppleva sådan färgprakt. Det är bara att ge sig ut och njuta!
    Tycker Ingeborg


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