Foreshadow: change of perspective

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Foreshadow was a theme in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, a month or two ago. I didn’t submit my post that time. Now, I do.

Foreshadow is a rare word, at least in Swedish (förebåda, antyda, ställa i utsikt). According to Wikipedia it is a “literary device in which an author hints certain plot developments that perhaps will come to be later in the story. It is used to arouse the reader, viewer or listener about how the story will proceed and mentally prepare them for how it will unfold.”

So, if this had been a movie and I had been the director, I would have placed the truck-scene somewhere here. I’m changing my perspective. From now on, the major part of posts probably won’t be from Göteborg, but from Stockholm (where I grew up and have spent 2/3 of my life). Despite the popular opinion that one is the director of one’s own life, I can’t really tell how the story will proceed and unfold. But it is exciting!



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