Month: September 2013

Under a turbulent sky

Sunday evening impressions, from a car driving into a spectacular thunderstorm at high speed. The rain was overwhelming but lasted only a couple of minutes, and afterwards double rainbows appeared over the power transmission lines.


From lines to patterns

September is warm and caressing this year, but the low sunlight indicates that autumn is here. It also reveals the formerly hidden lines outside my window. This week’s theme of the WordPress Photo Challenge is From Lines to Patterns.


Foreshadow: change of perspective

Foreshadow was a theme in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, a month or two ago. I didn’t submit my post that time. Now, I do. Foreshadow is a rare word, at least in Swedish (förebåda, antyda, ställa i utsikt). According to Wikipedia it is a “literary device in […]

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A wonderful experience

Some more vacation-pictures from a day on board of a big bathing boat. A nine-hour-trip around some picturesque islands and beaches outside Fethiye, together with approximately 300 people. The major part was Turkish families, enjoying a day off in the sun. Fish and fries for […]