The vessel

Göteborgs sträva charm, Majorna

Yet a wonderful afternoon by the river. The big ferries come and go. Fredrikshavn in Denmark is three hours away from Göteborg. To Kiel in Germany it takes a night.

I read an interesting book and kept my feet wet – but felt no urge to bathe. The best bathing areas are found in the archipelago.



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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

7 thoughts on “The vessel”

    • For a couple of hours it is fantastic, but I’m sure an entire day would be nice, too.
      There is a good bar/ restaurant, an art museum, and much more to see: The vessels, the sailing yachts, the graffiti-painters, and all the people walking. (And of course, the changing light and water. )


    • Fartyget är så stort och perspektivet var grodans – det blir lite mer dramatiskt så… Jag satt längst nere på stenarna med fötterna bokstavligen i blöt. En fin stund. Kul att du gillar det.


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