Life is easy


Göteborg is a city with a system of canals from the 17th century, English-style parks with old, beautiful trees and several magnificent palaces. But Göteborg is also a post-industrial town with unattractive buildings of varying ages and origins, major highways that cross the residential areas and a visible lack of urban planning.

During summer however, it occurs that the sky is cloudless and blue – for several days! The city transforms into a happy and very relaxed place where people walk slowly, populate the numerous cafes and open-air bars, and enjoy the warmth and beauty that is revealed when the clouds disappear and most car-owners are away on vacation. There is a scent of sea and salt in the air. Life is easy.

More about Göteborg here. (Wikipedia)



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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

6 thoughts on “Life is easy”

    • Det var en fantastisk kväll. Den där halvtimmen innan solen försvinner är ljuset ofta väldigt intensivt.


    • Thank you. The light/lighting is often what makes the difference between a dull and a stimulating environment.


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