After eight

flowers, Göteborg

After eight (PM) is the perfect time of day on my balcony. It’s facing northwest and there is rarely sunlight. And Göteborg is a windy city.

That means having a drink and/or a chat on the balcony very seldom is pleasant – it is simply too cold! However,  during a month or two in the summertime, there is direct sunlight in the evenings and chances to enjoy the open air and birds’ song for about an hour. Those moments can be very nice.


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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

10 thoughts on “After eight”

  1. Oh, the joy and the light! i could sit there…easily. Är den översta blomman krasse? Helt underbart ljus…jag har en tendens att alltid vilja fotografera blommor i motljus, men det lyfter fram hur skira och spröda de är.


    • Visst är det krasse, om än något bedagad – och vad skulle man fotografera om det inte fanns motljus? Idag satte jag ut mina vita rosor på balkongbordet, för att de skulle få en solglimt och jag själv lite extra ögonfröjd när solen lyste genom deras grönvita kronblad.


    • It seems today will have good weather, too. Perhaps I’ll invite someone to share the sunbeams.


        • You are right. I thought abut making a good fish-soup for dinner. There is saithe in the fridge, and some white wine left that could be useful. 🙂


    • Nasturtium… I like them very much. They are popular in Swedish gardens and on balconies. A friend of mine uses the petals for salads. It adds color and a fresh scent.


      • Actually, I use both flowers and leaves of nasturtium in salad, but I lay them on the salad, don’t mix it in. So good and so beautiful.


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