Soulstore Rosenlund

Göteborgs sträva charm

The music you hear in the speakers while you are sipping your caffé latte is for sale at the counter, and if you like the easychair or sofa you are seated in, you can buy that, too. Plus the book you were reading…

The book- and recordstore on the corner is also a café – and a second-hand furniture shop, run by a wholesale book company – which of course also has a webshop. In a limited market like Göteborg, people interested in working within the cultural sphere cannot work with only one branch. They have to be diversified to get several sources of income.

The sweet soul music outside Soulstore seduces me every time I pass, and even if I don’t buy a sofa, I’d like a cup of coffee and some minutes to watch the heating plant on the opposite side of the channel.


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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

7 thoughts on “Soulstore Rosenlund”

    • Probably you didn’t because it only has been there since this winter. But there are many shops in Göteborg combined with cafés at the moment. Designers and artists are doing the same way; spreading their skills in various fields to get a decent income (and they don’t necessarily succeed). Soon, we will all be multi-tasking.


    • Really, that’s impressive 🙂 I guess you experienced the laidback atmosphere here, manifested a o in the multitude of cafés and pubs?


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