Month: June 2013


Göteborg, Midsummer’s Eve. Before and after editing in photoshop. The blue building is the ever present heating plant, placed in the very centre of town.

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Gold and amber

Last night I passed by a house I never noticed before. The setting sun shone through a dirty, stained glass in the door and made it shimmer. It lasted a minute or two, and then it was gone.


Boat launching

The day was hot and beautiful. Some friends gathered to launch a wooden boat in a lake in the southern part of Stockholm. The black boat was almost 40 years old, intensely smelling of pine tar. Before we put it into the water it needed some […]


Peaceful/ Sommarkväll

A late summer evening in the place I live, in Göteborg. The sun has set, it’s dusk. During these summer nights it doesn’t  really get dark. The blackbirds are singing, there is hardly no traffic around and very few people. It is calm and peaceful […]



When I was about to leave my friend’s house the other night she handed over some tall, heavy plants from the garden. Rhubarbs. With a crisp scent, and big leaves like green, worn-out umbrellas. This is what they looked like after I had put them […]