WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

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There was noise and heat in the amusement park of Varadero in Cuba – and many children. Behind a fence in a corner I saw this Siberian Husky puppy. But there were also several other little dogs to play with, water to drink and shadow for chilling.  Whether it wanted to escape or not, remains unsaid.

This week’s WP Photo Challenge is Escape.

For more dogs, please look here, and here. (Earlier published posts about dogs)



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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

15 thoughts on “WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape”

    • Jag fick intrycket att valparna var i olika ‘lag’ som byttes ut efter ett tag, så att de inte skulle bli helt utmattade av trängseln framför deras bur. De hade gott om plats att dra sig undan på – fast jag själv skulle inte gillat att vara exponerad så.


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  3. A Siberian Husky in Cuba? Omg. I think that will be a real hot dog. And I hope they’ll get an owner. Puppies, or dogs are not made for cages. Looks very, very cute.


    • Yes, a very hot dog… The huskies seemed to be popular – I saw a handful of them during my stay. I asked an owner about the heat and he told me that his dog loved ice cubes – and air conditioning.


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