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This post is an entry for Ailsa’s Travel themes: Beaches.

I have fine memories from visits to the Danish beaches in Jylland and Sjælland last July. To drive around the islands by car was a very nice and peaceful journey. Computer-tired eyes could find some rest  in the immense green fields, the sea and the sky, and there were many B&B:s in the villages along the road.

The wind in this flat, woodless landscape was hard, and it wasn’t very warm (+20 C) – but sunny and incredibly beautiful. If you dress yourself up in a good windproof jacket and something to protect your ears with there are fantastic walks to do, and fantastic views to see.

The last two pictures show British sculptor Bill Woodrow’s concrete bunkers transformed into mules, in Blavand.

A spectacular and charming place is Bovbjerg. (First picture). Later, I’ll try to put together a special blogpost about that…



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3 thoughts on “Travel theme: Beaches”

  1. says:

    Welcome back ! the wooden sculptures remind me if the movie Troy. HAWT but does not diminish the mood !!


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