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This week’s Photo Challenge from WordPress is  simply “lunchtime”.  Very often my lunch is a bowl of cereals with yoghurt, or an omelette, but I found some pics from one (of a few) very nice meals at the office. This lunch was quite extraordinary; we celebrated something. Everyone brought something to eat or drink.


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Beautified photos of Swedish everyday life. Graphic designer making pictures mainly in Stockholm and Göteborg, Sweden. Grafisk designer som promenerar och fotograferar. Och gör världen vackrare.

12 thoughts on “WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime”

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    • Fräschören kommer kanske från miljö-kvinnornas fina odlingar, kvistar och sallader? Jag brukar duka med presentpapper som engångsduk vid såna här tillfällen. Vackra bord är något jag gillar.


        • De flesta jag känner har mat så det räcker och blir över för deras behov, men alla uppskattar ett vackert bord – det blir genast lite fest. Därför är det kul att duka fint.


    • I’ve been happy with my office for the last years. In an old apartment, situated in a building from around 1900 in the very centre of Göteborg, with beautiful tile stoves and windows. Most important: several interesting, witty and friendly people working in our own businesses. Unfortunately, I recently had to move out, so now I am looking for something else.


        • This was the best workplace so far. I came there because I had a vision of an office with a couch, and a beautiful carpet. It was all there, including the good colleagues that I knew nothing about then. For the next place, I will think less about the couch.


        • It’s not that I don’t want a couch anymore… I imagine my new workplace will be more like a studio or atelier. But so far I haven’t made any decisions.


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