Skogskyrkogården/ The Woodland Cemetery

Stockholm, vinter

En promenad på Skogskyrkogården i södra Stockholm. Frånvaron av färger är nu total, vintern verkar oändlig.

The Woodland Cemetery in the southern part of Stockholm is a Unesco World Heritage. “A cemetery that focuses on the process of mourning”

It is a graveyard and a park, famous of its serene beauty. Currently all colors are gone and winter seems endless.


grey_snow5B_webOn the website of Skogskyrkogården you can read:

“Strolling around the Skogskyrkogården landscape and visiting the different chapels offers a unique experience that combines art, architecture and nature. Some of Sweden’s leading architects and artists were involved in the creation and artistic decoration of the cemetery.

Everything has been carefully thought out, down to the smallest detail. Cremation was gaining widespread acceptance during the early 20th century, and architects Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz took as their remit the design of a cemetery fit for this new age.

Taking the landscape and pine forest as their starting point, they designed a cemetery that focuses on the process of mourning. Their aim was to support the mourners in their moment of need – stirring feelings and thoughts and allowing them to give full expression to their emotions.”

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10 thoughts on “Skogskyrkogården/ The Woodland Cemetery”

  1. These are great pictures. I love the atmosphere, the composition, the subdued colours – and I would never have dared photographing that muddy street. Now I see what I’ve missed, and I’ll know better next time. Thanks for sharing!


    • Oh, thank you. Strikingly emptiness, and the lack of colour… It’s a remarkable place, built for mourning people.
      (But why wouldn’t you have photographed the muddy street?)


      • …I am always afraid muddy streets would not look good in my picturers. That may or may not be true for black and white. I will have to try it one day (your pictures encourage me to).


    • Ja, Skogskyrkogården utstrålar vemod, i alla väder. Det är något med tomheten där som är speciellt. De stora avstånden skapar en känsla av ensamhet.


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