WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

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This week’s theme in the Weekly Photo Challenge is Unique.

A gorgeous dress I saw on display, years ago. The most exclusive silk, brilliant color and a striking shape. It was really The Dress Of My Dreams. Unique! I couldn’t forget it. I had to go back to the store again and look closer.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a dress at all – only some very expensive metres of fabric that were folded and pinned on a mannequin. The dress still belongs to my dreams and it will probably be the only one lasting a lifetime.


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A Swede learning to live in Madeira.

23 thoughts on “WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique”

    • Yes, for a short while I even considered applying for a job in that store, because of the fantastic materials one would be surrounded by.


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    • Jag övervägde förstås att sy den själv, men är inte tillräckligt tränad för att våga mig på silke för sexhundra kronor metern. Och det var många meter.


      • Nej, att sätta nålen i sådan lyx kräver sin vältränade kvinna/man. Jag har en väninna som syr alla kläder själv, både till sig och sin man. Men hon har tränat i 40 år på det…


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  4. I lived in Sweden for close to a year and loved it 🙂 Gothenburg is so beautiful 🙂 Can’t help smiling thinking about the time I had there. And yes the dress is beautiful. Definitely unique and unforgettable 🙂


        • 🙂 When I went there for the first time (it as my first Europe trip), I pronounced it G with G sound only. Then some kind stranger very politely said it is pronounced as “Yotobury”.


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